Payment Gateway

Accept payments via your shopping cart, website or from an invoice through a white-label Payment Gateway

Web Payments enables your merchant's customers to make online payments quickly and securely, from either within your own site/application or through a secure hosted payment page. It enables businesses of any size to receive online credit card payments without any special software or equipment

Plug-in’s for some of the most popular 3rd Party Shopping Carts available

Magento Plugin

More than 240,000 merchants worldwide put their trust in Magento's eCommerce solution

Flo2Cash Magento v1.3

WordPress Plugin

WordPress is software you can use to create a beautiful website or blog with integrated payments

Flo2Cash WooCommerce v1.3

Opencart Plugin

A robust eCommerce solution for merchants with the ability to create their own online business

Flo2Cash OpenCart v2.0

Drupal Plugin

Drupal is open source content management platform powering many websites and applications

Joomla Plugin

Joomla is a free and open-source content management system (CMS) for publishing web content

Prestashop Plugin

Over 230,000 ecommerce stores run on PrestaShop technology

Storbie Integration

Storbie is full of ecommerce features allowing you to effectively sell online and scale your business

Custom Integrations

Set up a donation page in less than a week, and start collecting using credit cards and bank accounts


Customisable Look and Feel

Web Payments is secure hosted payment services but allows you to customise its look and feel to align with your own business brand. More complex styling is supported.

Secure Communication Hand-shake

Web Payments has an optional secure handshake process, MNS (Merchant Notification Service) that can be utilised to verify and confirm the data between Web Payments and your website. Utilising MNS will guarantee that it is hack-proof and the authenticity of the transaction messages you receive from Web Payments is accurate.

VISA and MasterCard Secure-Code

Web Payments supports Verified by Visa and MasterCard Secure-Code (3D Secure), which, once enabled shifts all chargeback liabilities away from you


With Flo2Cash Payments Cloud, Financial Institutes and PSP's can be enabler for merchants, by providing them complete recurring payment solutions.

  • Charities can create a donation page in less than a week, and start collecting using credit cards and bank accounts.
  • Solution for Finance Companies to manage payments from their customers effectively.
  • Enable businesses to generate sales and improve cashflow, by allowing them to offer payments by installments.
  • Enable associations, unions, and sporting cluds to collect membership fee online using fully automated, hands off recurring payments process.
  • Secure your clients cashflow. Give them options to setup direct debit on phone, online or with paper
  • Allow rental and leasing companies to accept payments for storage, marinas and more


Virtual Card Terminal allows you to take card payments on-line, real—time via a secure interface. It is very easy to use and available to anyone with a Flo2Cash account. This is a great solution if you run a call centre or process mail orders or telephone orders manually.

Customers place an order by phone, fax or mail, using their credit card for payment. You enter the order into the Flo2Cash virtual Terminal, and Flo2Cash processes the transaction.

  • Merchants can confidently ask for credit card number on phone and entering them straight into Flo2Cash's supplied Virtual Terminal.
  • Available as a mobile app which allow merchants to collect payments on the go.
  • Ideal solution for likes of billers, call centres, merchants on the move and collection departments.


Web payments enables your customers to make online paymets quickly and securely, from either within your own site/application or through a secure hosted payment page provided by Flo2Cash. It enables businesses of any size to recieve online credit payments without any special software or equipment.

  • Securely hosted rebrandable payment pages to accept one off payments or setup recurring payments.
  • Merchant hosting payment integration.
  • Integration with leading shopping card system.


IVR(Interactive Voice Response) is a method that allows a customer to pay for the services availed from a merchant, using a phone. Either a phone or a landline can be used for transacting through the IVR.

Our IVR can be used to pay for a host of products and services, be it ordering movie tickets or airline tickets, home delivery of food or even vacation bookings. The customer can also buy physical goods through the Direct Pay IVR system.

  • Securely hosted IVR which is PCI-DSS compliant.
  • 24/7 unassisted service therefore no need for extra staff and greater convenience for customers.
  • Completely customised voice prompts and flows.
  • Allows merchants to collect payment while on the phone.


Pre-build integration with Xero enable businesses to receive payments directly from electronic payment notices generated out of Xero, and automatically reconcile these payments when received.