Direct Debits Cloud

Give businesses the tools they need to automate direct debits

Cashflow is important for businesses and equally so for their customers. Give businesses tools like installment plans, paper less direct debits, over the phone authority capture, so that you are getting paid regularly.


The affordability of an instalment payment option is designed to generate sales and improve your cashflow. With Flo2Cash's instalment payment solution, you can get onto doing your business, while we take care of collecting scheduled payments.

Finance Payments
Schools and Universities for collecting fees
Accounts and Lawyers
Donation Collection
Lay-by & Travel Packages
Marketing Packages

“Flo2Cash process 40,000 recurring payments for us every month. We and our members love the ease of use the solution provides.”

See NZEI solution in action here



Setup Direct Debits using paper, online and on phone

Give your businesses the freedom to collect payments the way that suits their business model. The direct debits solution support number of industries, along with a dashboard to see scheduled and missed payments.

Compliant Solutions

It is hard for businesses to keep up with up ever changing regulations, policies and procedures around collecting payments. When adopting Flo2Cash's fully compliant direct debits solution, you can leave these worries to us, as we keep our system up to date with what is changing and notify you and your merchants of the impacts.

Provide automation & Innovaton to Businesses

Flo2Cash’s fully automated and fully managed payment solutions save your business customers time and money, as there’s no more manual processing and reconciling of payments. More importantly, there’s less time needed on admin tasks.


Flo2Cash’s proven Direct Debits solution is already helping number of Finance companies eliminate their manual labour and risk, by leaving direct debits loads, processing, compliance, and storage of authorities with Flo2Cash