About Us

About Us

We are on a mission to Make Payments Simple


Established in 2003, Flo2Cash has been at the forefront of the financial technology (‘FinTech’) revolution that is changing the way business is done. Increasingly, businesses and other organisations are looking for better, faster, more secure ways to receive payments, and this is exactly what Flo2Cash does by developing payment products and services to provide businesses with solutions that can be used off-the-shelf or heavily customised.

Ten years back, a talk about innovation in banking would not have drawn much interest. But not today. Financial turbulence and subsequent rise in Fintech companies have forced banks to re-think their growth strategies. Peer-to-peer lending, sending money by twitter, arranging a 24 hour loan and similar Fintech ideas which used to be discussed in closed circles among techies have now seen the light of the day and banks, although having started late, plan to catch up with these Fintech’s very soon, or will they?

The banking industry has traditionally been slow to changes owing to enormous regulation, legacy IT systems and branched networks. These realties make bankers worry about their product portfolios and customer relationship.

Flo2Cash helps financial institutions like banks take that big leap forward without the trouble of investing millions in creating their own IT infrastructure and solutions. It helps banks launch payment services in one-fourth of time and cost. Flo2Cash white label payment solutions offers plethora of payment channels including mPOS, direct debits, web integrations, shopping carts and IVR, all operating from an integrated Flo2Cash payments cloud.

Flo2Cash’s clients can provide omni-channel payment services to their customers enabling them to accept, see and reconcile payments across online and mobile channels. Also, Flo2Cash is PCI-DSS level one certified and uses highest level of security and encryption. The fully compliant solution is kept up-to date with ever changing regulations, policies and procedures, so that financial institutions don’t have to worry about technology and processes, and can solely focus on offering great merchant and payment services to their business customers.

The Company

Welcome to Flo2Cash. Flo2Cash is an online global payment network that process more than $10 Million in transactions every month, on behalf of Financial Institutes and businesses.

All data and transactions are secure with us. Every interaction you have with Flo2Cash uses highest level security and encryption. We are a Level 1 PCI-DSS certified which makes all transactions as safe as a bank transaction. We are audited for compliance every year which includes online and physical security assessment.

Our team has extensive experience in FinTech, which we pull together to enable Financial Institutes launch payment services quicker.

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